Old country music is the key to social media

Today I was listening to a new Pandora station I put together called, “John Prine Radio.”  The artists that show up tend to be Willie Nelson, George Jones, and as I write this Conway Twitty is using some not so subtle innuendo to praise the object of his affection. 

It’s in listening to this station today that I found the connection between the two things that have captured my attention lately.  One is social media.  I continue to think that it’s impact is only starting to be felt.  The second is the importance of story.   The reason I love old country music is because every song is a great short story.  Sure, they are corny and predicatable, but they are stories I know and love.

I think one of the mistakes we make in thinking about social media is that we forget that stories matter.  Characters, conflict, and resolution make a difference.   Thinking in this way will radically alter our social media strategy.

Hank’s playing “Country Boy Can Survive” right now.  Good stuff.  Hank could have used a little social media and PR advice lately, but I guess the song says it all.   Also makes me think that every thing in live relates to a good country song.  The key message of “Country Boy Can Survive” is that you gotta figure out how the world works and rely on yourself.  Sounds to me like good advice for the small organization riding into the wild west of social media.