Shamed by the youths

Every once in awhile I come across something that shows me that despite my attempts to stay current – I’m not.   My son recently “liked” this story on Facebook written by a college student from our hometown.  It’s a great story and highlights the true power in Social Media and should be in the playbook for anybody out there wondering why they would take the time to blog, Twitter, etc.  Garrett not only got a really impressive writing credit, but the Fox website posted a link to his blog.  I’m guessing his blog traffic took a pretty good spike, and I’m guessing some of those spikes came from people who will someday be hiring.  In the article, Garrett establishes himself as a thoughtful generational voice and by having a nice clean blog with a wealth of content he comes across as a Social Media guy – a skill lots of people will be looking for.

Great job Garrett, this is an example I’m going to use in a class tonight.


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