The beginning – How the idea for SSSM came about

Super Simple Social Media started with the idea that great ideas need to find their audience, and social media should help that happen, not get in the way.   As the motto puts it, “To free small businesses and organizations from the tyranny of the technical.”

While this site is intended to show a certain model for how to build a social media presence that helps your organization reach its goals, it is also supposed to be a place where others can share ideas that make social media easier.  The truth is that the tools are out there, and there are as many ways to employ them as there are ways to make the world better through their use. 

Another important point is that the key to all of the tools we will discuss are “FREE”!  Of course there is a cost for time, and some things like adding e-commerce options cost money.  What makes the approach of Super Simple Social Media is that we are trying to point organizations to as many free opportunities as possible.

Throughout the next several months I will be working on an e-book called, “Super Simple Social Media.”  The plan is to give it away and hope it finds an audience.  This blog, and the Facebook page will remain the hub both as a place for people to give me ideas and to find new ones.  

Welcome to an open source experiment.  Super Simple Social Media, let’s give a voice to those who can’t tell RSS from ESPN.


The idea behind Super Simple Social Media

Communication and marketing are problems in almost every organization.  The need to connect with customers, clients and stakeholders are constant and in the midst of that you have an organization to run.  That may also mean that you don’t have time to learn how to use social media to fix the communication problems you have or reach new stakeholders.

Enter the idea for Super Simple Social Media.  I have done the work, I have figured out a pretty simple way that fits most small organizations.

  • Step one:  Set up a WordPress Blog
  • Step two: Set up a Facebook Fan Page
  • Step three:  Set up your LinkedIn Profile
  • Step four:  Link them all through the magic of RSS
  • Step five:  Log into WordPress and update your Social Media presence.

Sound tough – it’s not.  It’s free and you can do it.  This blog is here to help you out, and if you require help I can provide you with resources to get the intial set up and training done so you are ready to build your business Social Media presence.